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In order to ensure quality performance, Heller Security Services begins by selecting quality individuals for employment.  All prospective employees must submit an application for employment in their own handwriting.  The applications are examined by the Management Team who select the suitable applicants and these individuals are given an Aptitude Test.

Individuals who are successful at the Aptitude Test  then move on to the interview stage. As part of the interview the individual's physical appearance is inspected to determine if the individual has the required physical makeup to be suitable as a security officer.

Prospective employees are also required to submit a recent Police Certificate of Character. Those individuals who do not have a recent Police Certificate of Character are fingerprinted and the Criminal Records Office is checked. If the candidate has any conviction for  dishonesty or any arrestable offense they are not accepted. In addition a background check is done on the individual.

Applicants who are approved at the interview stage are then placed in the Induction Training Program.



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